Day 13 & 14 of 365 – Week Two Wrap-up

This was yesterday’s salad:


And this was today’s:


I don’t know why the auto rotate doesn’t seem to be working, but I haven’t been able to find a fix that doesn’t take a billion years and make me feel half crazy.

I’ve considered running the photos through Instagram, but I’m also not terribly fond of the people that I know in real life actually knowing about this until I’m deeper into it. While most are great and supportive there’s a handful that would likely tend to derail the whole venture.

Plus I’d overall like to avoid weird looks and discussions over the holidays. Which is entirely what I’m likely going to get if this comes up. If being vegan for roughly five years taught me anything, it’s that people are hyper emotional about food and eating habits.

Anyway, while I didn’t weigh myself or take measurements over the weekend (it’s good to weigh and keep track of your progress, but it’s also really good to step back from it from time to time), I think I can say that my scale is working fine. I don’t know how I had my weight drop like that (because, physics), but it seems like it actually did. Granted, it could be up again after the weekend, just due to a bad Fibromyalgia flare-up that I experienced all day Saturday, and half of today. (On rare occasion, I’ll get muscle tension so bad throughout my body, it feels like I’m bruised from head to toe, even internally, like through my organs, which, unfortunately, also has a bit of a constipating effect which can last for a few days).

Other than that, I’ve noticed that I’m feeling a lot fuller, and I’ve started eating smaller meals because of it. I’ve also noticed that my sugar cravings have been a lot more reasonable. Overall though, we’ll see if it all sticks.

that’s all for now. 🙂

– A.E.

Day 13 & 14 of 365 – Week Two Wrap-up