Day 15 of 365

Another quick one because work + school + coming up to holidays = killer.

216 lbs even this morning and 34.5″ inches on my waist.

Carrot and kale salad for lunch:


And then a second, “Big Mac” style salad for dinner (ground beef, romaine lettuce, cheese, thousand island dressing, and a tiny bit mustard, all because there was no way I was going to stop anywhere other than the grocery).


Aside from that, I ate, I swear, all the Halloween candy in the office (probably like 10 ‘fun size’ bars of chocolate throughout the day), so, yeah, the sugar cravings were back a bit.

Overall, I’ll just be happy if I make it to Wednesday well rested and in one piece. (Sooooooo busy.) :S

– A.E.

Day 15 of 365

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