Day 11 of 365 – Kale Salad and Unruly Scale Problems


Another kale salad with a hard boiled egg and some blue cheese dressing. I’m still eating plenty of junk food, especially around work, but overall I’m craving it less, and getting less satisfaction when I do have it. This is seriously the only time my sugar cravings have been relatively manageable in about two years.

Other than that, my waist was at 34.5″ today, and I’m thinking my scale may have gone. It was registering about 214 – 215 lbs this morning, and I just don’t see how that’s possible aside from either an exodus of water weight, or scale failure. I’m going to see if I can compare it with any rogue scales that my parents might have packed away to get a baseline. (It drives me nuts that my Mom rarely cleans anything out, but sometimes it comes in handy, like when I’m half broke and need to avoid scale shopping if I can).

Aside from that my Fibromyalgia is kicking up due to weather changes and the fact that I’ve actually been drinking coffee (for me, it seems to be a trigger food). So, that’s been crappy, but also kind of course for this time of year.

Well, that’s all I feel like covering for now. See y’all tomorrow.

– A.E.

Day 11 of 365 – Kale Salad and Unruly Scale Problems

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