Day 8 of 365 – Onward to Week Two!


More kale in a bowl, with carrots, tomatoes and, thank the salad gods, ranch dressing, which, may be made by divine, mildly obese angels, somewhere in salad heaven, probably because they know the pain my taste buds are in.

Seriously, if kale didn’t didn’t resist spoilage so well, I would have put what I have down the disposal, and laughed manically in a fit of liberation from its bitter entanglement.

ANYWAY, 222.4 lbs on the scale today, and 35″ on my waist. Which, while slightly cringe worthy in my opinion, isn’t terribly bad considering that I’m still retaining magnificent amounts of water weight, and I ate roughly half a gallon of Death by Chocolate ice cream over the weekend (instead of candy), because Halloween.

Aside from that, I haven’t noticed any particular changes, but, I’m expecting that I’m still anywhere from a few weeks to a few months from that, if I happen to notice any changes at all.

In a whiles, Crocodiles.

– A.E.

Day 8 of 365 – Onward to Week Two!

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