Day 6 & Day 7 – All I Wanna Do is Get Some Sleep

I seriously never know where my weekends go. I mostly slept, avoided bathing, and played some delightfully modded Minecraft with my gaming buddies. I ate salad, some ice cream, and avoided weighing myself in favor of staying in bed and trying to get more sleep.

So, no weights, etc. but, here’s Saturday and Sunday’s salads.



Anyway, after a week of this, I’m convinced that given my forethought and planning, that the blog could have been named “365 Bowls of Kale.”

Aside from that, I have no further insight to bestow at this, the end of the first week of my journey.

Also, I tried to get a first week selfie in attempt to mark some sort of progress, and this was the best that I got:


There you go, half a unmakeuped face and a torso, because apparently it’s the only one that’s not blurry or an unintended boob shot without my face. Also, I dropped my phone about a million time while trying to get this.

This, this is exactly why I don’t play sports.

Laters, gators.

– A.E.

Day 6 & Day 7 – All I Wanna Do is Get Some Sleep

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