Day 5 – That Escalated Quickly

I was too tired last minute night to properly pack a lunch… and I accidentally slept longer than I should have this morning. So, I present to you kale, by itself, in a bowl.


Come to find out, kale by itself is a hellbeast of bitterness and chlorophyll, that when chewed has the type of flavor which somehow seems reminiscent of freshly cut lawn, and the smell you get when you drive past a cow pasture.

I can’t believe I’m self inflicting myself to this for a whole year. This was a horrible idea.

Right now I’m taking a few bites of kale, and then a bite of apple just so I can gag this down. Which is super fun, especially because I don’t really have an appetite to begin with. (If anything I’m feeling kind of queasy from cramps and the OTC med I take to try to ease them.)

This seriously would not be happening as a meal if I didn’t want to have junk food so badly tonight for dinner.

(I think pizza’s giving me super powers.)

Oh, and BTW. As while I was writing this, I was able to gag the whole thing down.



(Although, I feel like I need a pep talk now, or maybe a hug.)

– A.E.

Day 5 – That Escalated Quickly

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