Day 3 – Sleep & Salad

Sometimes Wednesdays get crazy for me. It turned out to be one of those Wednesdays. So, this is going to be extra short.

Weighed in at 217 lbs even and 34.5″ on my waist this morning. Which I was a bit surprised by because I had pizza and coffee last night for dinner, which turned out to be a horrible idea, because, well, I’ll explain later in another post.

Today’s salad was a store bought Caesar for lunch, which apparently didn’t come with dressing. 😦 (Which I was actually really looking forward to.)


Anyway, I finished it off with an apple… And then for dinner stopped and picked up a cheeseburger with fries and the large chocolate shake, because cramps and iron cravings started to hit me hard in the afternoon and I was so exhausted (and still am, because I didn’t get nearly enough sleep) anything that could even vaguely count as cooking simply wasn’t going to happen.

– A.E.

Day 3 – Sleep & Salad

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