Day 1 – A Tacoish Kale Salad


Tonight I had a salad made with raw kale, caramelized onions, tomato, and some taco seasoned tofu, because I am totally a fancy bitch (sometimes).

This morning I had coffee for breakfast, an apple for lunch, and a few turkey sausages. This is seriously the healthiest that I’ve eaten in months. Much better than the great croissant binge of last weekend (it was so good, and yet so, so bad).

Weight was 220.? lbs this morning (I’m 6’1″, stop judging me), and waist was at 35″. In other health logging news, I have been experiencing PMS so bad that I seriously wanted to cry about every two seconds as my body perpetually reminds me that I’m another month closer to my ovaries eventually rotting out of my body, leaving me, presumably, a barren spinster surrounded by cats. Tonight, as I try to dry my tears, I thank the menstrual gods that I only get one or two of these days a month.

Also, I smell like onions now, and will likely have some sort of eczema related uber breakout in response to having ingested their tasty caramelized layers. (Unfortunately, I discovered several years back during an elimination diet, that they’re one of my few trigger foods.)

Aside from that, I need to actually finish the about page, and upload some sort of horrible PMS before photo in order to track any potential progress with this whole salad experiment.

But maybe tomorrow or Wednesday (depending on how late my class goes).


– A.E.

Day 1 – A Tacoish Kale Salad

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